Sheffield architecture students propose new regeneration plans for city centre

By Fraser Newell-Wise

MA urban design Architecture students from the University of Sheffield have been unveiling their proposals to regenerate the city centre, creating work spaces and potential sites for future homes.

The project which has been developed in collaboration with Studio Polpo and various Sheffield Community Land Trusts (CLT) aims to explore the potential of community-led approaches to the regeneration of the city’s central areas.

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The projects have brought the CLT campaign to the fore, they are local organisations which are set up and run by local people to manage homes and develop other important community assets.

In total there are 5 different areas; Fargate in the city centre, The Wicker, Darnall, Wellington Street and the Devonshire Quarter.

Each one has a slightly different proposal to accommodate the surroundings. For example, the Fargate project focuses on the heart of the city, aiming to provide flexible spaces for graduates to live and work at an affordable price given the location. Whereas the Devonshire Quarter project focuses on combining historic heritage regeneration and mixed-income housing.

However there is a central focus behind all the variations which is to make use of buildings that aren’t currently being utilised properly.

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This is a common problem in Sheffield due to the fact that it’s a post-industrialist city, which makes it difficult to sustainably reuse land. Therefore there are so many office spaces and industrialist sites across the city which are left vacant.

Shefnews went down to the proposed Fargate site to speak to the students working on the project, MA urban design student Wade Shi who was leading the proposal gave us a short interview below:

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