Hola Festival brings taste of Spain to Sheffield

Hola Festival made its inaugural appearance in Sheffield on Saturday.

In a bid to spread the culture of Spanish speaking communities from across the world, this festival provided an exhibition of artefacts, music and dance to the people of Sheffield.

The event ran all day at the Winter Gardens in the heart of Sheffield. Laura Claveria, the organiser of the event, told me:

“It is important to teach children about other cultures. Here in Sheffield we are diverse and we all have to co-habit.”

She jokingly finished the interview by saying “I just wish we could have brought our weather here as well.”

Son De America, a Sheffield based Latin dance group, wowed crowds with their vibrant dresses and unique dances from places like Mexico and Peru. They routinely travel across Sheffield to perform at a number of events.

They were followed by Los Lads, a salsa band. All four members went to the University of Sheffield giving this Spanish festival, a Sheffield touch. They said:

“Its great to have the opportunity to play at such an event. We were influenced by Latin American music and culture so if we can do the same for someone else then that’s great.”

All artefacts are on now on display at the Cathedral Church of St Marie.

The turnout and reception for the festival has encouraged hopes from the organisers to make this an annual event.

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