Abandoned building in Sheffield to be renovated into a performing arts space for the community

By May Loonam

An arts organisation plans to renovate Rutland Hall into an arts centre for the community, after reaching its target on a campaigning website ‘Kickstarter’. Backstreet Box Theatre Company is an organisation that coordinates and organises event spaces.

Their latest project is Rutland Hall, Neepsend and the campaign has today surpassed its target of £5,000, reaching £5,103 with another four hours to go.

Neepsend has suffered major floods in 2007 and is now subject to abandonment and disuse of sites in the area.

Sam Dickinson, a member of the organisation behind the project said: “We hope to become a big part of the rehabilitation of this amazing area.

“As we move in to Rutland Hall alongside ‘In2Change’ charity, this building will become an important landmark for the community.”

The organisation is working with the charity ‘In2Change’ who are allowing them access to use the downstairs hall of the semi-derelict building.



The plan is to renovate the hall into a theatre space called “The Railway Playhouse” for the use of both locals and students.

The aim is to open the space up the public in March this year with an original play written by a student in Sheffield.

Later in the year we will be starting weekly drama workshops with the children from the charity, giving them an opportunity to get creative and put on some productions in the venue” added Dickinson. 

Although the organisation has reached its initial target of pledges online, more funding is required to maintain the project.

“We need funds to get started with this exciting project; to get in a basic lighting rig, to market and build an outreach to artists and to audiences, to fix some cosmetic ware in the building, and primarily to make the space ready for performers and exhibitionists.”
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