Guide Dogs visit the University of Sheffield to raise awareness



Puppies were fussed over as the event tried to bridge the gap between the dog owners and students who were unaware of the Guide Dogs charity.

The dog handlers, who are blind or partially sighted, shared some of their life stories and explained the importance of the guide dogs in their day-to-day routine.

This was the third time RAG Sheffield collaborated with the university’s Guide Dog society to raise money for the charity.

The event lasted about four hours in the Students Union and asked students to make a donation of £2.

dog 1

President of the Sheffield Guide Dog society Matt Whelan said: “We are encouraging people to come down and ask as many questions as they want. We really want to build awareness of the charity and partially sighted people”.

He added: “A lot of people in the university think that the event is more about stress and exams. But we want to make it more to do with the awareness of the charity. Most people don’t know anything about guide dogs and we want to change that.”

The Guide Dog charity is a non-governmental funded charity, which relies mostly on donations made by the public.

Its costs £5 per day to support each guide dog, summing up to around £50,000 for a guide dog’s lifetime.

The university of Sheffield remains the only university in the city doing events such as the ‘puppy rooms’ with Hallam University showing signs that it may start next year.

Here is what students’ thought of the event:

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