‘It’s 20 past’ – Art exhibition

In the week that a report suggested Sheffield has the most artists outside of London, up-and-coming artist Jessica Smedley held her very first solo art exhibition.

The 20-year-old Sheffield born artist has been expressing herself through art since the age of 10.

With a unique style and often political influence, her paintings have been causing quite a stir in the Sheffield art scene.

GalleryThe exhibition called ‘It’s 20 past’, was held in Gallery 35 on Chapel Walk and ran for 11 days.

Jess describes herself as an ‘emotionally unstable expressionist with abstract qualities and a loathing for life’.

This upfront honesty is what makes Jess an endearing character within the tightly-knit community.

The Sheffield University commissioned report also showed that art contributes hugely to the city’s economy, as buying space for studios turns over more than £1m each year.

When speaking about her future, Jess said: “I’d like to think I’ll stay in Sheffield.

It’s such an encouraging city to be in, especially as I’m only just starting out.

It would be amazing if one day I could open my own gallery, and give back a little to the city that has helped me.”

Sheffield boasts many famous artists, who knows maybe Jess could be one of them.

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