New support offer to man experienced sexual assault


Sexual assult agains man


Men who have been experienced sexual abuse and assault can now receive support and free counselling in Sheffield for the first time.

The news service is a part of the Sheffield City Council’s new contract and provided though Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.

People in need can access a free phone helpline and up to 2- free sessions of fa to face counselling.

Police data shows there is an increases in the number of sexual assault and abuse against man in 2015 – 16. Seven assaults and five rapes were reported this year, comparing no recorded offenses in 2013.

Previously, a man who was an victim of sexual abuse went to Rotherham to seek for support and counselling.   

Joe Fowler, Director of Commissioning at Sheffield City Council, said it is critical for people who suffered sexual assault were able to access support and help, both man and women.

“Traditionally services have focused more on women victims. But more men are coming forward and ti’s important that they are supported.

“Counselling is now available locally for both men and women. I’d urge anyone who has experienced sexual assault to get in tough so they can access this.”

Meera Kulkarni, Manager of the Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre said: “It can be incredibly difficult for people to come forward when they’ve suffered sexual assault or abuse and victims often feel guilt or shame about what’s happened.

“We’re delighted we’re now able to see men as well as women. We know there’s a need for this in Sheffield.”

Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre offers support for women and men aged 16 years or over, have experienced sexual assault and abuse.

Contact the free phone helpline on 0808 802 0013 for support.

The service does not affect the support provided to children who are victims of sexual assault and abuse.  The city’s paediatric Sexual Assault Referral Centre help the children who are in need.


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