That’s Moor like it: Sheffield’s Moor Market attracts record number of visitors

Business at the Moor Market is finally starting to look up, as stallholders were overwhelmed by the 72,000 customers who visited last week.

The Moor Market opened in 2013 to replace the Castle Market, which was in trade for over 50 years.

The initial move was extremely controversial, with many complaints of high rent, and the footfall was not as high as initially promised.

Karon Brackon, owner of the Florist stall, Meadowhead Flowers said “The Moor Market is wonderful and airy with plenty of natural light which makes a huge difference in the working environment, compared to the Burrows where I used to work.”

Recent statistics released by Sheffield city council showing the number of visitors entering the Moor Market last week, would certainly suggest that things are looking up for the traders, of what is now known as the Borough Market of the north.

Karon is trying to expand her business online and through social media, but feels her business thrives from the customer’s ideas, as well as her own, in creating the perfect final piece.

She said “I think with flowers, you have to see them to know. Which is where the market environment is ideal, because I can show them what I have to offer them, here at the stall.”

The market is full of over 90 different traders ranging from international cuisine to clothing, fresh fruit and vegetables, right through to hair and beauty, and a food court.

With Christmas just around the corner, it gives the market a great excuse to continue thriving in the festive atmosphere of Sheffield’s city centre.


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