Photography exhibition ‘Arrivals’ based on immigration in Sheffield, features in Weston Park museum.

Photography exhibition ‘Arrivals’ highlights the individual stories of 76 migrants living in Sheffield.

Portrait and theatre photographer, Jeremy Abrahams, who has called Sheffield home for the past 28 years has been working on his personal project since 2013 when he was a photography student at The Sheffield College.

The motive behind the project is to combat the negative reports of immigration in the media, something which Jeremy began to notice arising three years ago. His aim is to document and celebrate the diversity of Sheffield’s population.

Jeremy said: “I wanted something that would be in tune with my values and what I felt was important.”

CHUFFED: Jeremy beams ear to ear in front of his work

For each year from 1945 to 2016, he photographed one person who had come to Sheffield to live from overseas, building up a portfolio of a variety of people and their unique stories.

One woman featured is Justine Brothwell, who moved to Sheffield in 1947. She tells her story of how ‘life was hard and food was short’ when living in Austria at the end of the Second World War. There she met a cook from the British Army, married and moved to Sheffield with him when he returned home.

Jeremy added: “Immigration isn’t a thing at all it’s about people. These people have been here a long time they’re embedded in our city they’re a part of it.”

Each individual chose where in Sheffield they wanted their photograph to be taken, adding a personal element to each location and creating an overall portrait of the city itself.

The exhibition will be on show in Weston Park museum, from Saturday 24 September to Sunday 12 February, 2017.

If you’d like to see all of Jeremy’s photographs follow the link below to his online gallery.

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