Women in Sheffield urged to be safe after terrifying chase

Women in Sheffield have been warned to carry a safety alarm following a terrifying incident when a female student was chased through the streets by a stranger.

Renisa Kanadia, 19, was walking home late at night through the student area of Crookesmoor, when she noticed a man following her.

Miss Kanadia said: “I noticed he’d been following me for about 10 minutes, next thing I knew he was running towards me, obviously I ran away as fast as I could.”

The man gave up chasing Miss Kanadia but she continued to run until she reached a friend’s house.

“I have no idea why he started chasing me but it scares me to think what could have happened if I hadn’t of ran away” Renisa said.

After hearing Renisa’s story, which happened earlier this month, Sheffield University’s women’s officer, Serena Cavasin, has urged female students to take precautions when walking alone.

Miss Cavasin said: “Although I think Sheffield is a fairly safe place, I do recommend that women carry a safety alarm in case something happens to make them feel unsafe, then they will be able to grab the attention of other people to help get them out of a potentially dangerous situation.”

Miss Cavasin has expressed that because of the presence of misogyny some women feel that it isn’t their right to exist on their own in the streets.

As a Women’s Officer she wants to urge women that it is their right and that if anyone attacks you or makes you feel uncomfortable, it is okay to speak up against it and report it.

In a bid to stand up against harassment, violence and sexual attacks against women, the University of Sheffield’s student union host a ‘Reclaim the Night’ march every year.

The march will be held this year on the 25th November for anyone who would like to attend.


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