Sheffield junk food charity opens café doors

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield opened it’s doors to a new pay-as-you-feel café in Sharrow last weekend.

The café sits inside Regather community centre and will be home to 4 ‘lock-in’ bistro nights this month.

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield is a food waste campaign that wants to raise awareness of the amount of surplus food thrown away by supermarkets and local businesses every month.

Their new pay-as-you-feel café serves a two to three course meal every Friday from 7pm made entirely from surplus food.

The menu is a surprise to their customers as it is constructed based on ingredients the charity can gather that week, however they can cater for any dietary requirements if told in advance.

A £2.50 deposit secures your seat and the charity excepts payment for the meal either by money, time or skills.

The food comes from a variety of sources from local supermarkets to food banks.

The charity challenges people to think about issues such as the value of food and building a community.

They are linking with other charities and local businesses to raise awareness of the project.

The first pay-as-you-feel café was opened by the charity in Richmond Hill school in Leeds in response to children arriving at school hungry.

The recognition of hunger as a barrier to education led to their existing project ‘fuel for schools’ which began in December 2015.

As a result of this over 10,000 children were given breakfast across 4 cities using nothing but surplus food.

The café opening times are 10am to 8pm on Thursday and Friday and 10am-3pm on Sundays.

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