Sheffield University Feminists relieved after Poland’s U-turn on abortion ban

Campaigning feminists at Sheffield University have expressed their delight at Poland’s decision to overturn a total ban on abortion.

One hundred thousand Poles dressed in black turned out to protest against the ban in sixty cities across Poland, which would prohibit abortions even in cases of rape, incest or ill health.

However, MP’s voted against the controversial bill on October 6 with 352 votes to 58.

Sheffield University’s Women’s Committee showed their support for Polish women using signs and banners outside the Student’s Union to raise awareness of the issue.

Chair of the Committee Holly Lown said: “We were really pleased that students as well as the Polish community were really interested in the signs and what we were doing.

For Polish women it is really important that they get a choice in what they get to do with their bodies and at the women’s committee we stand for making sure that every woman is heard.”

She added that the Committee were overjoyed that the government had decided to overturn their decision.

The bill initially came from an anti-abortion initiative which received 450,000 signatures and was backed by the Catholic Church.

However, a backlash from the Polish people meant that lawmakers were pressured in to voting against the bill.

Former sports minister Joanna Mucha said PiS lawmakers “panicked” after the protests.

She warned that: “Polish women won’t allow you to drive them to the slaughterhouse like sheep”.

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