World Mental Health Day: Sage Greenfingers’ willow globe at the Moor Market

Sage Greenfingers created a willow globe to encourage visitors at the Moor Market to talk openly about mental health.

As part of World Mental Health Day, visitors were asked to say how engaging with nature improves their wellbeing. This contributed to the handmade globe, a collection of ways to feel better about mental health.

Diana Tottle, a member of staff for the charity, said: “It’s about getting people out in the first place. It really does you good once you’re here.”

She added that the charity provides help in a holistic way. This includes a mixture of activities like making crafts, gardening and socialising rather than just taking pills.

By hosting events in places people usually visit anyway, like the Moor Market, staff and volunteers said it reduces the barrier of entry for guests.

It began Sheffield Mental Health Week, a series of events encouraging a more open discussion of mental health and wellbeing, in an attempt to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

The willow globe
The willow globe

Coordinator of Sheffield Mental Health Week, Sara Hill, said: “mental health isn’t as glamourous as other illnesses so it’s underfunded, especially considering that it affects around one in four of us.”

Sheffield Mental Health Week has been running for a few years now, along with yearly events in July. It follows World Mental Health Day, which occurs globally on 10 October every year.

Sara added that events like these are a great step in the right direction to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote services which can help those in need.

To find out more and get involved, visit the Sage Sheffield website. Also, to find out how Sheffield mental health services can help you, visit the Sheffield Mental Health website.

Bobby Futter

Second year journalism student and student communications assistant for SSiD at the University of Sheffield.

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