Are hashtags helping us come out of the closet?

This week was ‘National Coming Out Day’, which saw thousands of people take to the social media site ‘Twitter’ to share their coming out experiences and celebrate LGBT+ visibility.

Among the tweets were celebrities, politicians and those simply searching for reassurance. The idea behind the internet trend was to tackle homophobia, which is often perpetuated by ignorance and silence.


According to the LGBT+ charity Stonewall, around one in six lesbian, gay and bi-sexual people have experienced homophobic or bi-phobic hate crime or incident over the last three years.

Zachary Franck, Transgender welfare officer on the LGBT+ Committee at the University of Sheffield, said: “ I think cyber bullying is a concern, obviously, but I think that because so many people are coming out now, it’s almost like anybody who comes out has a band of support behind them and I think that’s made it easier to come out now than ever before.”

Coming out via social media has provided people with a new platform where they can express their sexuality to the world, while simultaneously remaining anonymous behind their computer screens.





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