Tuition fee to rise to £10,000 per year by 2020

The government plans to raise university’s tuition fees with the Teaching Excellence Framework known as TEF, where the government use it to evaluate the quality of teaching in all England’s universities provided by a Higher Education(HE) institution.

In 2017/2018 academic year, universities will be able to increase their fees with inflation, meaning an increase of about £250 will be made. These fee increase are accumulative, meaning that by 2020, students are likely to pay around £10,000 a year to attend university.

Ellis Williams, 19, Year one student from University of Sheffield, feels positive with any move which would improve the education system for all England Universities.

‘Poorer students can depend on student finance. Putting up the tuition fee doesn’t necessary mean anything. I highly doubt people will not attend university just because the fee increases. Nowadays, without a qualification, it’d be extremely difficult to find a stable job.’

Vanessa Kim, 21, Year 3 student from University of Sheffield stated,

‘International students who haven’t been to UK before, relies on all those official statements, rankings, satisfaction reports to decide to apply for the universities.’

‘If the government do rank all the universities and judge them with a higher or lower price, international students will believe the higher the tuition fee the better quality of teaching of a certain universities.’

University of Sheffield’s Student Union has created a campaign, Shef better than TEF to show their  opposition towards the idea.

Below is an interview with University of Sheffield Student Union’s President, Dominic Trendall.


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