University of Sheffield to host UK’s biggest darts tournament

The University of Sheffield has been chosen to host the biggest university darts tournament in the calendar year.

The UDUK Big Weekender brings students from universities across the country to play against one another in singles and team matches.

Last year, the winner of the singles tournament received £500 in prize money.

A date has not been confirmed yet, although UDUK announced on their Facebook page that it will be held ‘somewhere between late February and early March’.

The Tournament will be held in the Octagon centre, with the final eight players playing in front of a large crowd.

Danny Hall, a University of Sheffield darts player, said: “We’re all excited at the prospect of competing in Sheffield this time around.”

“Hopefully we can not only host but win the Big Weekender.”

There are expected to be around 200 players competing for the prize money.

The Octagon centre hosted ‘Dartsity’ for the first time in 2016, with the University of Sheffield beating Sheffield Hallam in a non-official varsity event.

In that event, professional players competed alongside the students, although the UDUK Big Weekender is open exclusively to university players.

The University of Sheffield darts society is open to all students and, if you’re interested in contacting them, their email address is


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