Sensoria Festival returns to Sheffield for the ninth consecutive year

Sheffield’s Sensoria Festival again hosted a special series of events for the ninth consecutive year, this time with a helping hand of Richard Hawley.

The Heart of Oak singer, who’s been a key player in the Sheffield music scene for 30 years, ‘really liked what Sensoria is all-about’ and wanted to collaborate in some way with the festival.

The evening, called the “Three Ring Circus” had former Arctic Monkeys and Pulp collaborator Hawley and his handpicked accomplices Bill Ryder-Jones and John Grant all play the Trafalgar Warehouse, University Drama Studio and the Upper Chapel on Saturday evening.

All three artists played three gigs, each playing an opening set at a different venue, getting in a taxi to the next venue and then jumping back in the taxi to reach their final venue, where they each headlined separate venues which coincides with this years’ theme movement.

Over the nine days the festival ran for as well as music it had an array of different arts on show and an eclectic mix of local and international talent which have all been carefully selected to appear at Sensoria.

Documentary ‘Don’t Blink’ which is about filmmaker Robert Franks was originally seen by Sensoria co-founder Nigel Humberstone at Berlin Film Festival, he then organised to bring the film to Sheffield with a live Q&A with the Director Laura Israel.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of Sensoria Festival although no theme has been confirmed yet for the event, Humberstone promises ‘next year is going to be really special for Sensoria’.

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