Sheffield Hockey student discusses the horrific fire that cost him £1,000

A University of Sheffield Hockey player explained how returning from a Hockey match in Manchester cost him over £1,000 in kit and equipment.

Matt Wylie, 19, said that a fire on the team bus was so destructive that it effected all 68 players on the coach, with over £70,000 damage in total.

However, the Sheffield student remained upbeat despite the unfortunate incident.

“After we was safely away from the bus, you started to think about all the stuff you had on there. I had about £1,000 on there and I was gutted at that point but everyone tried to keep spirits high to stop everyone getting upset” Wylie said.

The University of Sheffield Hockey sides were returning from their annual trip to Manchester at the start of the season, before other drivers alerted the bus driver by beeping their horns. Little spurts of flames from under the bus soon rose into a burning blaze which risen to twice the height of the bus before eventually being put out.

One of the players was left traumatized after he realised that he left his £800 camera on the bus which also was destroyed in the blaze.

The Hockey team has also had £6,700 donated to them in just over a week, whilst they await the date of the insurance claim. The society is aiming to raise another £4,000 to cover costs in the meantime to fund trips and matches.

A major concern for the team is whether the fire will have dissuaded first year players from playing on a regular basis due to the expense and stress the fire has caused.

“The club is hoping to get everyone back into Hockey, and everyone can start playing as soon as possible.” Wylie said.

To donate to the team, visit their just giving page.

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