Sheffield to get new £5m cycle lane network

A £5m investment from Sheffield City Council will be spent on a network of cycle lanes across the city.

The new cycle routes will aim to increase accessibility to cycling in Sheffield and therefore hopes to reduce traffic congestion in the city by encouraging locals to commute on bike.

The scheme will be implemented in various locations in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, operating throughout the city centre and various ‘green routes’ in rural areas.

Sheffield City Council, in accordance with the scheme, aim to get 10% of all journeys in the city made by bike by 2025 and 25% by 2050, although the current figure is less that 1%.

John Alcock, a student who cycles daily to the University of Sheffield from Endcliffe Student Village, said “the cycle lanes are always blocked on my route to university, especially when it is busy in the morning, forcing me into the middle of the road where it is dangerous”

Cycle safety has been previously highlighted as a major concern in Sheffield, with an increasing number of accidents in relation to the tram tracks. CycleSheffield have received 349 cyclist tram track accident reports since January 2015.

Dexter Johnson, Secretary of Cycle Sheffield, said, “The biggest hazard and cause of accidents and injuries to cyclists in Sheffield is the tram tracks and the proposed new routes do nothing to address this problem.”

Johnson continued to criticise the plans. He said “We don’t think these routes will have any real impact on the numbers of people cycling in Sheffield and represents a poor prioritisation of the council’s funds”


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