Sheffield workers strike over redundancies at AMEY

Workers from the GMB trade union have been on a one day strike over redundancies at AMEY infrastructure.

Starting outside the Olive Grove depot, protesters armed with banners and horns marched toward Sheffield City Hall in solidarity against job cuts.

AMEY had been commissioned by Sheffield City Council as part of a £2.2bn deal to complete work on Sheffield roads, as part of the “Streets Ahead” project, but are now issuing redundancies.

After Sheffield City Council privatised the Highways and Street Lighting Department, workers were assured that they would have job security for 25 years after being transferred from the council, but just four years later redundancy packages are being issued.

AMEY has decided to subcontract jobs externally, with some going as far as Portsmouth, so workers are striking over jobs in Sheffield.

GMB member Jake O’Malley, who was part of the strike said: “We think we should have more for our members within local pay bargaining for yearly pay rises.”

A statement from AMEY read: “We can confirm that we have been in discussions with the GMB Union about pay negotiation rights and the use of subcontractors regarding a number of our employees.

“We are doing our utmost to resolve this as soon as possible. Discussions will continue with GMB Union officials to come to a satisfactory agreement and we can confirm that there will be no impact or disruption to members of the public during this time.”

There was a further strike on Monday 17th of October.


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