Construction work causes chaos for Sheffield university students

Students at the University of Sheffield are facing major disruption because of construction work taking place around the campus.

The work, which started in January 2016, is due to continue through till 2018 and has recently seen the closure of the main entrance to the Sir Frederick Mappin building for the next two years while work takes place.

The grade II listed building was built in 1913 and is to be connected to the central wing on Portobello Road as a new engineering hub.

Some roads are also due to be closed to vehicles, such as parts of Portobello Street and Favell Road.

Another notable development is due to happen by the Arts Tower, where access for cars will be blocked in order to install a water feature and more green space.

The Campus Masterplan has come under some scrutiny due to the disruption it is causing current students travelling between buildings around the campus.

Some have complained that the construction work makes them late for lectures and has made traffic congestion on surrounding roads worse.

Some bus routes have also had to be altered to allow work to take place.

Another concern raised is the lack of motorists interests due to the removal of car parking spaces.

A university spokesperson said: “We’re trying to improve traffic flow around the campus area so it will be easier and quicker for car users to get to where they want to go.

“It’s important for us all to balance out the needs of different types of travel and the pedestrianisation of some of the core spaces is an important part of creating a safe and pleasant campus for everyone who uses it.

“We’re really keen to open up the campus to make it feel more part of the city and much of the thinking behind the new public spaces is to make the campus more welcoming and attractive to everyone in Sheffield”.

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