‘Shef Better than TEF’ continues to fight another day,

After a strong showing of student support, the ‘Shef Better than TEF’ campaign is set to continue.

Following meetings between student union officers and the vice-chancellor of the University of Sheffield, the deadline for the open letter has been extended past its original end date of October 4th.

The campaign, which was created by the University of Sheffield Students’ Union, was set up to help convince the university to opt out of the controversial Teaching Excellence Framework.

Union officers took positives from the meeting. They said Vice-chancellor Keith Burnett encouraged them to continue collecting signatures to demonstrate the strength of student opinion against TEFto other vice-chancellors and politicians. So far 2,300 signatures have been collected.

Ali Day, the Education Officer at the Students Union, said: “We all want to improve teaching, but we should be striving for a model that works for students, staff and Sheffield”.

The Students’ Union is also working alongside Mr. Burnett to educate their students on how it will affect them.

As part of their collective efforts to increase support for the open letter, a protest was held outside of the Students’ Union to help raise awareness.

The Teaching Excellence Framework is a proposed initiative which will allow universities to raise fees in line with inflation if their quality of learning is deemed to be ‘outstanding’.

Projections suggest that tuition fees at these universities could rise above £10,000 by 2020.

The Students’ Union is opposed to the Teaching Excellence Framework as they believe it will “damage Higher Education”. They also believe that the metrics used to judge the universities are inappropriate. For example, the National Student Survey measures student satisfaction and not teaching standards.

The open letter is still available for the public to sign at the Sheffield Students’ Union website.

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