Sheffield Arena ticket prices? You’re Iron Maiden me mad

High ticket prices are limiting the opportunities for people to see their favourite artists, according to fans.

In recent weeks Iron Maiden have released tickets for their concert at Sheffield Arena, pricing the tickets at £63.25 for a standing ticket and the cheapest at £50.60 for a seat at the very back of the arena.

The show is on 10th May 2017 and is part of the band’s first UK tour for over six years, ‘The Book of Souls’.

These prices include the booking fee but delivery charges also range from £2 – £7.50.

When insurance and car parking is also added it can take the overall price of the ticket to around £70 for the one concert.

ticket-tableJack Kirby is just one Iron Maiden fan who wasn’t impressed with the steep figures. He said: “I think this [£70] is about the absolute limit I would be prepared to pay. I love the band and I’m aware they aren’t going to be around that much longer – they’re the band to see before ‘they’ die I guess.

“I think this situation is particularly annoying given the band’s stance against fans getting ripped off by touts and the second hand market.”

Despite the prices, Iron Maiden support The Fanfair Alliance who describe themselves as ‘The campaign against industrial-scale online ticket touting.’

These aim to reduce the amount of profiting made through the second-hand ticketing market.

Charlie Feeney is a guitarist in a small upcoming band ‘Violet Youth’. He said: “From my experience playing gigs, I don’t understand how bands can justify charging £40+, where is that coming from?

“In my opinion they don’t need to charge that. They could charge £15 and still make enough money with a bit of profit.”

Tickets for Iron Maiden back in 2006 weren’t much cheaper, the cost being roughly around £50.

Drake is another artist whose tickets have just been released, with the highest ticket costing £143 according to the Sheffield Arena website.

We asked Sheffield Arena to comment but a spokesman said they were unable to contribute to the discussion on ticket prices.


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