Leopold Square played host to an ‘Out of This World Experience’ this weekend

Sheffield’s ‘Out of This World’ experience event shut the city down on Sunday, with fairground rides, illusionists, dance acts and much more.

It was a great chance for all family members to get stuck in and take part.

This year’s event, which was a great chance for all family members to get stuck in and take part, created a parallel world of sci-fi, mystery and horror and people from all over the UK had turned up.

In every direction, there were people of all ages dressed up in character, from the Storm Troopers, to Harry Potter and even the Darlek’s.

One family had dressed up as the Adam’s Family and loved the idea of the experience. They said “I think it makes a great change to the boring Sunday’s that we’re used to and is a good laugh to dress up which the kids love. We definitely want it to make a return next year.”

The spooky scenes were split up into three sections across the city centre and each brought a different element, living up to the spectacular event that it was hoped to be.

From top to bottom, Leopold Square was full of fairground rides while the Winter and Peace Gardens had displayed the fountains with fluorescent green water, suitable for the events theme.

The Moor had a series of unusual events, from a mummy trying to break out of a cage, a mysterious witches dance troop and a live illusionist who left his audience jaw-dropped by his performances.

If the event is to make a return next year, the people of Sheffield will have high expectations for another weird and wonderful theme.

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