New student complex proposed on Rockingham Street in Sheffield

An application for a brand new student housing complex on Rockingham Street has been submitted to Sheffield city council.

The 550-bed expansion would comprise of one-bed apartments, studios and cluster bedrooms and would add to the various student housing options in the area.

The site is in an ideal location and would attract students from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Sam Helley, 20, a Sheffield Hallam University student said: “I think it’ll be more popular with Hallam students and the more housing for us the better I guess.

“It’s a good location to potentially live.”

The planned location has drawn some criticism, however, as the complex would be situated very close to University of Sheffield buildings.

The University of Sheffield’s head of property and business services, Chris Garlick, told the Sheffield Star: “The established use of the University buildings means there is noise and fumes created from the buildings.

“The university would not wish for the proposed development to affect the current or future use of the university’s accommodation in this location.”

Three major student complexes on Ecclesall Road, Hollis Croft and Mayfield Court have been submitted since August this year.

Earlier this month, plans for a 784-bed complex on Ecclesall Road were approved by the Sheffield city council on the former Gordon Lamb car dealership site.

The Watkins Jones Group, who are proposing the development, shifted their focus on to student housing in 1999.

The company already manages 41 student properties and accommodates 35,000 students across the country.

The firm says it works closely with councils and universities to ‘ensure high quality, appropriately designed schemes that enhance local amenity.’

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