Residents express disappointment over new student accommodation set to be built in Sheffield

Plans to replace a West Street office block with a 284-bed student accommodation building have been revealed, and some local residents are far from happy.

The Mayfield Court office block and the West Street Ale House are set to be knocked down and replaced with the new development, which was initially proposed in August.

But at the location today locals expressed concerns about the disruption the construction will cause and the loss of pubs in the city centre.

Samantha Tran, 20, student of University of Sheffield, said: “I don’t like the idea of having student accommodation on West Street. I live at Huttons Buildings, literally right next to West Street. You can hear people screaming and shouting for the entire night. Like it’s so difficult for me to sleep peacefully and get up for my 9ams.”

James Bell, 51, unemployed, said: “Nope. Don’t like this. There’s enough student accommodation across Sheffield for both universities. It’s down there, next to that. It’s everywhere. Why are these developers trying to get rid of the pubs in the city centre? Can they not just pick places further away from the city centre?”

The development will include a gym, cinema, media store and café on the ground floor for students.

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