Sheffield’s Got Talent marks the end of day two for the University’s World Week

World Week started with a bang as Sheffield’s Got Talent celebrated multiculturalism through international songs and dances.

The Interval Café held the free talent show on Monday night to kick off World Week at the University of Sheffield.

World Week is organized by the Chair of the International Students’ Committee, Santhana Gopalakrishnan and Ana-Gabriela Popa, the International Student’s Officer of the University.

For the second night of this worldly event, students from all countries gathered to share their culture as well as their talents.

Iro Vairami, presenter of Sheffield’s Got Talent said: “Honestly, I thought it was going to be loads of British people singing songs but it did feel like the event was part of World Week because it was so multi-cultural. There were French, Chinese, British people and many others wanting to take part, it was really fun.”

The few technical difficulties punctuating the show did not tarnish the ambiance. It made the performances look more genuine and spontaneous as there were no rehearsal beforehand.

The University of Sheffield collaborated on this event with the University of Nottingham and received their SU president, Ismail Sadurdeen and Postgraduate Officer, Matt Bramley as judges for the contest.

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