The construction of a new apartment block was resumed after WWII bombs were found on the site

Construction of a new apartment block for students’ accommodation in Sheffield will go ahead despite the discovery of undetonated bombs dating from WWII on the site.

The development of a six-storey high building was interrupted on September 28 due to the excavation of ten-inches long explosive devices by an archaeologist who desires to remain anonymous.

The site was declared safe by the police a few hours after the discovery.

The construction of the 103 students’ flats resumed on top of the derelict Silverpride Industrial Works, a factory which had been abandoned for years.

But the erection of this new block will inconvenience greatly the adjacent cutlery factory, Chimo Holdings, situated merely 18m away as the traditional manufacture will be overshadowed and will lose the benefits of sunlight.

Chris Hudson, team principal of Chimo Holdings said: “The situation is that we are not happy that we are losing our light but as it is a legal issue the developers are currently engaging in negotiations with us. They will provide compensation.”

“Sheffield should really focus on manufacture especially after Brexit.”

Sheffield’s City Council will develop a 5-year action plan (2014-2019) to give a roof to the increasing number of students.

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