Sheffield bin workers vow to continue strike action

Bin workers in Sheffield will strike again tomorrow at 10.30, following a solid turnout at Tuesday’s strike.

Members of the GMB union employed by waste firm Veolia have claimed that the company has been shipping in workers from London and other parts of the country during this month’s industrial action.

After hearing the news, dozens of workers gathered outside Veolia’s Lumley Street centre yesterday to express their anger in another strike.

Lee Parkinson, GMB Organiser, said: “This dispute could and should have been settled months ago. What has shocked us is the lengths that Veolia are prepared to go rather than sit down and negotiate a deal. Instead they have chosen to throw more fuel on the fire by bringing this labour in.”

While the strikes continue, a statement from Veolia said: “The company is working hard to minimise any disruption from the industrial action and thanked affected residents whose bin collections were missed for their ‘patience and understanding’.

“We are working hard to try to resolve this dispute and have held a number of meetings with the GMB Union, including a meeting last Friday, involving ACAS.”

“After what we believed was an extremely positive meeting, we are disappointed that the GMB feel the need to continue with this strike action.”

The GMB Union has expressed that the strikes will continue, their permanent overtime ban will remain in place and consideration will now be given to escalate the action.

Mr Parkinson said: “We need our Council, their client, to intervene and get them back to the negotiation table so that a deal can be made.”

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