John Bercow MP heads to Sheffield University for political speech

Rt Hon John Bercow is heading to the north to deliver a speech at the University of Sheffield.

The Buckingham MP will be appearing at the Octagon Centre this evening, with the title of the speech ‘Design for Democracy’ aimed at student involvement in modern politics.

The House of Commons Speaker has been chosen to talk for the Sir Bernard Crick annual lecture, organised by Professor Matthew Flinders.

Bill Carmichael, who teaches politics to journalism students at the University, said: “This is an important outreach by The Speaker to try to reconnect young people to our political system.

“Faith in our politics is at a pretty low point and Mr Bercow should be congratulated for getting out in the country and talking to people about why our parliamentary system is so important.”

After the political shock of the EU referendum result, the vote has been seen as a vote against the elitist political establishment, including 57.7% voting to leave in Yorkshire and the Humber.

However, with the age group between 18-24 voting to remain in the EU unanimously, it highlights how many students no longer feel politically engaged, especially with only 64% of that age group turning out to vote.

Politics Professor Felicity Matthews, believes that the younger generation need to be reinvigorated back into modern politics.

“John Bercow is a well-recognised individual to people who are interested by politics and it’s easier for people in the North to relate to someone who has that level of political experience.

“It’s vital for the establishment to reconnect with the North after the EU vote, however the lack of clarity so far in regards to Brexit isn’t going to help matters.

“It is really pleasing to see that the lecture is a sell-out and hopefully it really helps remove the political stigma amongst younger voters.”

The speech is being hosted at the Octagon Centre from 17:00 and is sold out.


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