New £60 million IKEA development underway near Meadowhall

Stage two of the £60 million project to build an IKEA near to Meadowhall industrial park is underway.

Dozens of diggers and hundreds of workmen descended on the 31, 500 square metre site as the foundations for the Swedish retailer are beginning to be laid.

The store which is scheduled to open next summer is expected to create 700 jobs with the first job fair being hosted last week at the Town Hall.

Following 15 years of planning the project was given final permission to go ahead early this year with a legal agreement being signed in 2015.

Plans are for there to be a two-storey store as well as a café and children’s play area.

It is hoped that the development will benefit the local area by creating jobs, attracting more tourists and providing a wider variety of choice for shoppers.

Image Courtesy of Gerard Stolk


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