New murals appear across Sheffield as the ‘Feature Walls’ exhibition continues

Brand new works by some of the top street artists from around the world are appearing in Sheffield as part of a new exhibition called Feature Walls.

The exhibition is curated by art collective Bradbury and Blanchard of B&B Gallery, who want to celebrate the fact that “Sheffield has a long tradition of spontaneously lending walls to its most creative street artists”.

Sixteen artists, both local and international have been invited to paint murals in the city centre.

Artist Jo Peel has returned to Sheffield to work on a mural that boasts her distinctive design on the walls of the Wellington Street car park, pictured above.

On Devonshire Lane, Matt Sewell has made a recent addition to the exhibition with his piece alluding to his typical bird inspired designs titled ‘Twite Alright?’.

Further along this wall, Oliver has this afternoon started work on a new piece. When asked about his contribution to the project, he said “I’m working on a crazy thing, I’ll just see where it goes”.

To keep up with the progress of the murals, use the hashtag #FeatureWallsSHF.

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