Sheffield artists create ‘Killer Clown’ mural

Recent murals by Sheffield based artists are trying to raise awareness of the ‘killer clown’ craze that have grown popular in the UK.

Eugene Booms aka EUG and Marcus Method painted part two of the vivid art pieces last week on Westhill Lane.

While Eugene, 34, teacher and art therapist, explained that while he doesn’t approve of the clowns, he is also trying to present their point of view.

“The fact that a clown is supposed to represent fun and laughter and how currently they’re seen as scary and life threatening nuisances makes good food for thought”.

Marcus Method also added that the recent attacks really take away the joy and hilarity from the traditional concept of clowns:

“My part of this mural was to represent the fact that clowns traditionally bring happiness and joy but this was juxtaposed by the sad dishevelled clown painted by Eugene, as clowns at the moment are more representative of fear.”

Part 1 and 3 of the clown murals can be found on Eugene’s Instagram account @eugenebooms.

Both artists are currently working on paintings for solo exhibitions. Marcus’s one is scheduled for 2nd December 7pm-12 at 162 Devonshire Street, Sheffield and is entitled ‘When I Grow Up’, while Eugene’s is at the beginning of next year and it called ‘Eugene Booms – This Doesn’t Concern You’.

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