Sheffield’s Millenium Gallery displays a new take on virtual reality

A virtual reality exhibition in Sheffield has attracted over 1,500 visitors in just three days.

The Body and Mind exhibition, which has been based in the Millennium Gallery since October 25, gives the public a chance to imagine that they have prosthetic limbs in a virtual kitchen.

Visitors are also able to hear from people who have prosthetics, including one woman who is getting a tattooed prosthetic arm.

Christine Le Maitre, a reader in musculosketal disorders and a founder of the exhibition, said: “The exhibition is about improving public understanding of people with limb loss.”

She added: “A lot of people have come and said that they didn’t understand anything about limb loss and the choices that people have before coming to the exhibition.”

The exhibition is a Sheffield Hallam project, which is part of the Virtual Reality Prosthetics team.

They received £216,000 worth of funding from the Welcome Trust in January.

Sarah Hurrell, a schoolgirl from Newcastle on half-term holiday in Sheffield, tried out the virtual reality technology for the first time.

The 13-year-old said: “It was really cool but I kept trying to pick things up but I couldn’t. It was very strange.”

Another visitor, David Jones, said: “I think the exhibition is fantastic. My granddaughter and grandson are learning a lot about different technologies”

The exhibition will be moving to Weston Park Museum on November 12 to November 13. Afterwards it will head to London, and then back to Sheffield in the Winter Garden next year.

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