South Yorkshire crime stats on the rise

Crime figures for South Yorkshire have increased over the last year.

A report released by the Office of National Statistics shows a rise in violence, robberies, and sexual assault, threatening Sheffield’s reputation as the safest major city in the UK.

There were 21,320 cases of violence, significantly up from last year’s 16,662, and there were an additional 355 cases of sexual assault.

There was also rises in homicide, shoplifting, vehicle crime and criminal damage but the numbers of house burglaries and drug offenses fell.

Whilst figures are on the up in the Sheffield region, this does reflect a national trend of rising crime levels.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable, Jason Harwin said: “We recognise there’s still much work to do, in ensuring South Yorkshire is a safer place to live, work or visit and we will continue to work with communities and other crime fighting partners to achieve this.”

“Whilst we are seeing increased crime in a number of areas, this is similar to the other parts of the country. It also has to be noted, the increase in homicides recorded includes the 96 cases recorded from Hillsborough in 1989. This accounts for the majority of the increase in the figure from 2015 to 2016.”

South Yorkshire has also seen a 22% increase in hate crimes reported in the last year according to one council report, with a spike following the vote to leave the European Union.

The University does offer help and advice on security matters and have also launched Thieves Inc., a student focused safety and security project revolving around short films and help videos.

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