Endcliffe Park may become a location for a flood storage area

Endcliffe Park is being considered as a site to provide temporary flood storage.

This could see the park hold up to 16 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water during significant storms.

In order to make the much loved park into a flood plain a new embankment would be constructed alongside the Porter Brook, with its creation reducing the height of new flood defences required throughout the city.

Planners are quick to point out that existing facilities, historical features and riverside access would be protected.

The park will remain dry under normal conditions and that plans and resources will be put in place to clean the park after a flood.

However, there will be issues on accessing the park during construction and there may be a required loss of trees in the creation of the flood storage.

Both of these are hoped to be as limited as possible, but they remain a concern for avid visitors to the park.

Ecclesall Councilor, Roger Davison, said: “I am at present looking into this. There are some very concerned residents on Rustlings road who say they haven’t been consulted despite the Council saying they have carried out consultation.”

Endcliffe Park is one of the most adored and historical parks throughout the entirety of the Steel City, with its 15 hectares of woods, fields and rivers. It was acquired in stages in 1885, 1887 and 1927.

The deadline for residents and business owners to give their thoughts on the plans to the council is Monday, October 31.

One thought on “Endcliffe Park may become a location for a flood storage area

  • October 31, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    I live in S11 across from the park – there has been absolutely NO consultation of the local residents and no signage about the plans up in the park either. I know there hasn’t as I use the park every day to walk the dog!!

    The concerns for this are huge. The local schools use the field for their sports days and events and they haven’t been informed of the plans – they have no green space – where will they go now?

    Local events are often held in end life park throughout the year – where will these be held now? The area is well used at all times of the year by local residents and outiside event organisers. If the flood plains go ahead we will be losing a vital part of the community and an historical Victorian park that should be totally protected!!

    I am disgusted at the underhanded way the council have tried to push this through!


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