Locals share their excitement as a new Primark opens its doors to Sheffield

The local people of Sheffield expressed their excitement for the development of The Moor, as a new Primark store opened this morning.

A queue spanning the length of the store was greeted, shortly before 10am on 28th October 21016, by the wide grins of Primark employees, applauding the new shoppers. The shop represents the latest addition to the retail regeneration of The Moor.

Primark workers in their bright blue t-shirts walked down the streets with handfuls of vibrantly blue balloons to give to passers-by and despite the overcast morning, the Moor seemed to beam with a sense of optimism.

Yet despite the obvious popularity the opening of this store brought, did the people of Sheffield believe this new shop will help The Moor becoming the ‘retail centre’ of the city?

Jacob Adeinyi, 25, said: “I think it will help businesses around here because loads of people come to Primark and so more people will be at The Moor.”

However, Jacob Harper, 58, did not believe that a new Primark will help The Moor.

He said: “I don’t think people are going to be running to Sheffield to come to a Primark.

“I do think it will be good for the locals but I just don’t think a bigger Primark will make The Moor the shopping centre of Sheffield.”

But many people still believed that this new, larger store was a great addition to Sheffield.

Patil Khan, 39, said: “I think it’s great. I will be coming here more often now that there is a Primark on The Moor. It’s very useful.”

Laura Atkinson, 39, said: “I think it’s a really good store and is really good for The Moor. A lot of people will want to come.”

The new Primark store is part of Sheffield City Council’s 5 phase plan to ‘regenerate’ The Moor, a plan that includes a new cinema and a range of restaurants and bars.

Many citizens were very excited about the opening this morning and many felt that it would bring more business to the shopping centre of Sheffield.


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