Vandals attack Sheffield street art

Vandals have targeted street art by husband and wife team Chris Butcher and Sarah Yates, better known as Rocket01 and Faunagraphic.

Both artists have managed to cover up the vandalism on a couple of the murals, one including ‘Visions of the future’ by Faunagraphic which can be found on Abbeydale Road.

But Rocket01’s work took the biggest hit as his portrait pieces of David Attenborough on Charles Street, and Patrick Moore round the corner on Froggatt Lane have fallen victim to vandal attacks.

Part of the vandalism reads ‘women’s liberation’, as well as a claim as to who was responsible for the crimes.

Faunagraphic, along with many other street artists including Pete McKee and Tom Sewell have continued creating new art across the city as part of the Feature Walls campaign, which has been incredibly well received by the public.

Blog ‘Street Art Sheffield’ posted: “Whilst the vandals may not appreciate your hard work and creativity the vast majority of us do!”

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