Volunteer Sheffield’s 24-Hours Volunteering: Giving back to what is around us

One of Volunteer Sheffield’s biggest events of the year took place last Friday and Saturday, 28-29 of October.

Many students at the University of Sheffield got involved with mini volunteering events and offered local community a helping hand.

Luke Featherstone, Volunteering Partnerships Administrator at University of Sheffield Volunteer Office, said the office has already heard back from charities that they were grateful of students’ help.

“I think it’s great for students to be able to give back to local communities. The university campus can become a bit of the bubble, separate to the rest of the city. But it shouldn’t be, this university came out of the city so it’s only right that the students give back to what is around us.”

Schenelle Dlima, Ambassador Coordinator of Volunteer Sheffield, said: “24-hours volunteering is a great example of how the University of Sheffield always tries to do their bit for the greater good and how dedicated the students are in helping different charities all around the city. It is a day of selflessness and excitement and is indeed a testament of how helping a lending hand can make an enormous difference in the community.

Shawn Coldys, Student Committee of Volunteer Sheffield said that the University has volunteering projects that were created by students and that students and societies were voluntarily using their skills and applying what they know to contribute to the local community.14907767_1854680158099627_817444226_o

“Most of the project were created because students want to help out the local community. They want to make use of their skill and knowledge, and to put it into good use.”

14826206_1856573591243617_1818882111_n-2Schenelle added: “24-hours Volunteering is our way of celebrating giving back to the community. It provides a perfect platform to make new friends and gain so much in just a matter of few hours, be it walking and grooming dogs to listening to gripping stories of refugees.

Kieun Nam, a student who volunteered her time in the 24 hours volunteering event, believed the experience can make a huge difference on one’s mind.

“We become more considerate about others and it’s great that we can actually do something to help them.”

Luke said there were lots of involvement but there can always be more.

“Not only there is a great benefit to local communities but it is also a great benefit to themselves. It is a great way to learn more about local communities, to build your skills, to get work experience and to make connections with organisations. I would really encourage anyone to volunteer their hand.”


Inez Lau

Inez Lau, year 2 Journalism student at The University of Sheffield.

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