‘More needs to be done’ for mentally ill after shocking Sheffield incident

A horrific incident in a Sheffield City Centre shop has led to demands for more support for sufferers of mental illness.

On Sunday a man was taken to hospital after he walked into Wilkinson’s in Sheffield City Centre, cut off his big toe with a pair of the store’s bolt cutters, and ate it, in-front of terrified customers and staff.

A spokesman from South Yorkshire Police told ITV News that: “Upon officer arrival, the man was taken to hospital with injuries to his foot, where he remains.”

“There are not believed to be any other parties involved, and the incident is not being investigated as a crime.”

The incident has shocked the public, and has seen many people calling out for more support for those who suffer from mental health or drug problems.

Sheila Fern, 64, of Church View, said: “I’m absolutely shocked. I imagine it was mental illness which led him to do it and I don’t think there’s enough support for these people. I would hope that the NHS could do more for mental health, or at least try to make them realise that there is always professional help available for them.”

Simon Richards, 27, of Sydney Road, said: “The man was probably depressed or high on drugs. In this area you see a lot of thefts and other crimes, I’ve seen all sorts of things happen on this street, from people trying to throw themselves under buses or lying under shop shutters, and there’s clearly not enough security around to help these people.”

Helen Wood, 39, of Carterlodge Place, said: “He’s either an idiot, or he’s mentally ill. He must have something wrong with him, and I don’t think there’s much you can do to stop it but if he is unwell then he should have someone with him to help him.”

However, some were less convinced that the incident was fuelled by mental health issues or drug problems.

Jonathon James, 53, of Campo Lane, said: “It’s a disgusting story, maybe he was just hungry! Seriously though, maybe just more security is needed. I think what he’s done is stupid, I have no idea what might lead someone to do that.”

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