Is Christmas coming too early?

Halloween was just two days ago, but it already feels long gone, as Sheffield is getting into the Christmas spirit.

In the town centre, Christmas decorations are a plenty in a nationwide trend that seems to be getting more premature with each year. With shelves already stocked with Advent calendars and shop windows starting to put up their festive decorations, but is it too soon? The Christmas decorations and preparations are getting earlier and earlier.











There was a mixed feeling towards this trend amongst Sheffield locals, when asked when they thought it was acceptable to start decorating for Christmas.

George Eiloart, aged 19 said: “I think it’s way too early” adding: “It’s all about making money though, and the sooner you can put Christmas into people’s minds, the sooner they’ll start spending.”

Marcus Leech, aged 26 said: “It never used to be like this in Sheffield. Halloween has just finished for goodness sake.”


But others are happy to see their city get into the Christmas spirit.

Olivia Skelton, 35 said: “People like to moan and groan about it being too soon, but I think that they’re just being miserable.”

Jack Khan, 22 said: “I don’t see what the problem is because it’s not harming anyone and I think it’s nice to get into the seasonal spirit you know.”

Either way, despite it being early November, Sheffield is decorated and ready to embrace the nation’s favourite holiday.


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