Two arrested at Sheffield tree felling protest

Two men were arrested whilst protesting against the felling of trees on Marden Road, Netheredge.

The two protesters were standing under a tree, preventing it being cut down and were arrested on suspicion of causing annoyance and preventing lawful work, under Section 241 of the Trade Union and Relation Act 1992.

Both men were released seven hours after arrests w

ere made, however they have since been reported on summons relating to the incident.

Sheffield City Council have been felling trees throughout the whole of Sheffield which they say are diseased, damaged or dying, and replacing them with saplings.

However, members from Sheffield Tree Action Group have said that the tree on Marden Road was healthy.

Protesters have said that the council is felling trees in the area to reduce the cost of maintenance to the pavements and roads which the trees are disrupting.

This is not the first set of protests to take place in Netheredge.

In June South Yorkshire Police were called to Bannerdale Road where protesters were disputing the felling of 10 cherry trees on the street, however no arrests were made.

Trees are being cut down across Sheffield as part of the Streets Ahead project, which will see all the city’s roads, pavements and streetlights upgraded, as well as making Sheffield a greener city.

Sheffield City Council say that once all the work is complete, after the 25-year campaign, which started in 2012, the energy saving will be a reduction of approximately 40%.

However, many of Sheffield’s residents have taken issue with the council’s mass felling of trees, with the campaign group Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG) gaining popularity.

Fred Quinney

Journalist University of Sheffiled

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