Tributes for a much-loved homeless man are being left on Ecclesall Road

Flowers are being left outside the Spar shop, on Ecclesall Road, in memory of a homeless man who recently died.

The man, known to locals as Bret,  often sat outside of the Spar and became a common sight to locals. 

Since his death several people have paid their respects by placing flowers and cards around the lamppost outside of the shop. 

According to locals near the Spar, Bret is believed to have fallen off some flats, although this is not yet confirmed.

On Sheffield Forum, a woman claiming to be Bret’s mum, said: “Bret was always a kind giving child…Bret helped a few do for themselves, what he could not do for himself.”

She also thanked others for their favourable comments about Bret.

Messages were left alongside some of the flowers. One man, who signed off as Sean, said: “To my man. The man who I never knew your name. We always greeted each other with a smile.”

Another comment was left by the staff and customers at the Beer House. It said: “RIP Bret. You will be missed.”

According to one message, a service will be held for Bret on 7 November at 11.45am at City Road Crematorium. It also states that the family are making arrangements for flowers and donations.


A study conducted by Crisis in 2012, a national charity for homeless people, found that drug and alcohol abuse are particularly common causes of death amongst the homeless population, accounting for just over a third of all deaths.

Yorkshire and Humberside hold the highest percentage of drug related deaths at 36.9%. Causes of death by suicide stand at 7.4%.



One thought on “Tributes for a much-loved homeless man are being left on Ecclesall Road

  • November 7, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Some sixty people attended Bret’s funeral service at City Road Crematorium at midday on November 7th – family members, old friends and new. It was a solemn non-religious service, ending with a song by Tracy Chapman called “Fast Car”:-

    Any place is better
    Starting from zero got nothing to lose
    Maybe we’ll make something
    Me, myself I got nothing to prove…

    The humanist leader of the farewell service suggested that in quiet moments we might remember Bret, sitting in his usual place by the “Spar” on Ecclesall Road and perhaps find some comfort in that memory. The exact circumstances of his death presently remain unclear. R.I.P. Bret.


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