Community toilet scheme launched in Sheffield city centre

Businesses in Sheffield’s city centre have been asked to offer up the use of their toilets to the public.

The Sheffield Business Improvement District (BID) has invited its members to take part in the scheme to increase the number of public toilets in the area.

There are currently no council-run public toilets anywhere in the city centre, so members of the public have to use the toilets available in cafés and restaurants.

Maria Ford, who works as a receptionist at the Hallamshire Hospital, said: “As far as I know all the public toilets in the city centre are either closed or vandalised so badly that you cannot use them.

“You have to depend on department stores or cafés if you need to go to the toilet, and then you nearly always have to buy something first.”

Any businesses that sign up to the community toilet scheme will agree to let the public use their toilets during opening times free of charge.

The BID will pay the firms annual contribution costs towards the running of these facilities.

Businesses will be required to display signs to show that toilet facilities are available, and the BID will put up signs directing the public to these services.

Paul Grogan, administration manager for the BID, is leading the project. He said: “People will be more likely to visit the city centre if they know that restroom facilities are available.

“Businesses will benefit too, as they may make a sale that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make.”

The invitations to sign up to the scheme were issued on Tuesday, and the BID hope to have the scheme up and running soon.

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