Ex-homeless man fundraising for charity that helped him get off the streets

A man who was previously homeless is now raising money for the charity that helped him get back on his feet.

David Staley is walking from Sheffield to Bridlington to fund raise for The Cathedral Archer Project, a homeless charity based in Sheffield’s Cathedral.

The 80-mile walk will take place on 11th November, starting at 6am, and has already raised £540.

The charity moved in 2007 into its own purpose build facilities in Sheffield’s Cathedral and now offers services such as showers, laundry rooms, a lounge area and a medical room for homeless people in Sheffield.

They see anything between 50-90 people a day and have around 40 volunteers at the centre.

David Staley is just one individual who the charity has helped, finding himself homeless earlier this year with no home, food or money.

He says: “The experience of being on the streets is really scary, especially the first night you don’t know what to do or of anywhere to go. If I hadn’t found the Archer Project I worry what could have happened to me. It was cold and wet and I had no warm clothes or even a sleeping bag.

“I’d recommend anyone in need to go to the Archer Project, not just homeless people but people struggling to live from day to day. The staff are so helpful and were amazing with me.”

The Cathedral Archer Project added: “The thing about David’s story which is so amazing is that it really shows how vulnerable we all are.

“His troubles really started with a break up, which pretty much all of us have been through at some point, so it’s a real lesson to us all to be grateful for what we have.

“It’s amazing that he wants to give back. It’s always so special to have someone come out the other side and be living a truly fulfilling life. I know it means a lot to all the project staff that worked with him while he was here that he’s giving back.”

You can donate to David’s fundraising walk here:




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