Concerns rise as several firework related incidents occur throughout Sheffield

Worried residents of Sheffield are preparing themselves for bonfire night, after a series of firework related incidents occurred throughout the city.

At around 8pm last night, in Broomhall, a group of yobs set off a fireworks in the area and aimed some of them at  police officers.

Residents were petrified when they heard the ordeal. Sandra Thornbury, 32, said: “I am a mother of three and hearing about this incident happening in my area isn’t so good for my children. I am not too entirely too sure what happened but bonfire night is only a day away and I think people should stay safe and try to enjoy themselves without being foolish”.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Officers have been targeted for the second night in the Broomhall area of Sheffield. Luckily there have been no injuries but of course there is very serious potential if anyone is hit”.

With Bonfire night happening tomorrow there’s a real concern amongst residents that this will not be the end of the trouble.

Jake Lane, 19, student said: “I was walking home through Broomhall yesterday by Springfield primary school and on the little playground bit someone set off a firework and it gave me a real fright.

“From that I got an indication that something might be happening later on and it might have been the same people”.

Local resident, Dan Murphy, 19, also said: “I live in a set of flats in Broomhall, maybe about 8 o’ clock last night some people were setting off fireworks in a forward direction, we could see it all as they were a matter of metres away from us, the fireworks lit up our front room. We even thought they were going to fire them at our window!”

Another incident arose this morning in the city centre, where schoolchildren got caught setting off fireworks in Fargate.

They have been criticised for putting lives at risk.

Rachel Eades, 44, said: “I am a shopper in the city centre, I usually come here a lot to do my shopping and I did hear about the incident that happened this morning, it’s just absurd”.

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