Heavy snow expected to fall in Sheffield tonight

Snow is expected to fall over night in Sheffield as the Met Office sends out a severe weather warning.

There is a potential for the snow to settle over higher ground in the region but will also fall and settle at lower levels, which could cause disruptions on the road as the cold moves slowly east across England and Scotland.

The Met office have warned that “5-10 cm of snow could settle to low levels over parts of Yorkshire. Please be aware of the potential for difficult driving conditions in some areas.”

Despite today being fairly dry with sunny periods, it has been predicted that clouds will bring rain tonight which will in turn lead to heavy snow.

It is expected that the snow will start to fall at around 1 am and will continue into the early morning. This will be followed by light snow and sleet, which may continue to fall until 1 pm tomorrow alongside low, frosty temperatures.

Motorists in Sheffield should prepare to wake to slick roads tomorrow morning due to the snowfall and should allow extra time to commute due to delays on the roads.

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