Food brings together refugees and the people of Sheffield

Another successful International Food Evening at Sheffield Foodhall has brought asylum seekers, refugees, international students and local Sheffield people together.

The International Food Evening took place at Sheffield Foodhall last Friday on 4th of November.

It was held by Student Action for Refugees (STAR) collaborating with Foodhall / Sheffield.

Annemie Zimmermann, Treasurer of STAR explained the main idea of this event is to bring local Sheffield people together including students, asylum seekers and refugees, to cook and share international food.

“The event is being really successful. We were filled full of capacity and we only just have enough food that actually catered everyone. I think we were having a hundred people here at the utmost.”

Persefoni Tzanaki, music teacher from Greece, said that she feels that more similar events should take place.

“This event is something that students actually do. It’s a good opportunity to meet new people from different countries, asking them about their experience and why they are here.”

Angela Lin, student from New Zealand, said the word ‘Refugees’ put so much in the media now, yet there are so little organised ways for them to actually come together.

“You should be excited to come by yourself to meet people but not be shy because you don’t know who should you talk to.”

A refugee from Chad, who is in his first few weeks in the UK, said that coming to this country is the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

“The only English that I can say before I came here, is Hi and Thank You.

“But I have 5 years to learn. I am going to attend College in the coming January, and I feel that I can make it. I feel hope.”15046282_1860898874144422_1400612204_n

Annemie added, “So for us, the main thing is to get people together and have a good time. If at the same time, they learn something about refugees and asylum seekers, or refugees and asylum seekers get to meet people from Sheffield, then it can be a lately good thing.”



Inez Lau

Inez Lau, year 2 Journalism student at The University of Sheffield.

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