Trump victory: Sheffield reacts to US election result

Sheffield reacted with shock and disappointment today to the election of Donald Trump as the 25th President of the US.

Early on Wednesday news came in from across the Atlantic that Mr Trump had beaten the odds and defied most predictions by pundits to pull off an unexpected win by securing 270 electoral college seats to see off Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

The  news was greeted with dismay in a snap shot of opinion in Sheffield.  Our survey was conducted in a student area of the city, where Trump is less likely to be viewed enthusiastically, and the sample size is small.

But the unanimous reaction was once of disappointment

One person said: “I personally think it is a travesty”.

Another said: “I don’t think either candidate was good enough for the country.”

Despite not being US citizens, many people overseas feel directly affected by the results, as they start to realise the gravity of the situation, and how this can impact the global community.

The BBC have comprised five ways Donald Trump’s win could change America’s relationship with the rest of the world. One of the biggest concerns is Trump’s attitude to trade with th rest of the world.

Other people were worried about the possibility of Trump closing borders and Trump’s pledge to temporarily stop all Muslims entering the country, build a will across the US border with Mexico and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Last night hundreds of students celebrated the election at a specially themed night at Bar One in Sheffield where ‘Trump burgers’ and ‘Hillary burgers’ were on offer and the results relayed on a large TV screen.

British Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated Mr Trump today saying she wanted to build bridges with the president elect to promote prosperity in both countries. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Trumps victory was a rejection of the political establishment and an econmoc system that isn’t working.


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