Could there be an age restriction for new Niche Nightclub?

Niche Nightclub may be about to include an age restriction which could ban males under the age of 25 from entering.

The return of one of the most popular nightclub’s in England is scheduled to reopen in January 2017, however after its closure in 2005 for being labelled as a ‘drugs den’ by South Yorkshire Police, the club could include hard line measures to alter its image.

The ban however, may only apply to girls that are under 21.

Some Sheffield residents reacted excitedly when a sign on the Parkway entrance read, “Sheffield, Are you ready?” late Tuesday evening.

However, the mood has been dampened for some of the younger clubbers, after the possible exclusion of students and younger clubbers.

Jason Jenkins, 22 from Netheredge, said, “Over 25’s are going to be banned to stop young lads getting in, but it’s only going to be over 21’s for girls. How is that fair?”

The club first opened in 1992 on Sidney Street and was renowned for its bassline music, as well as garage and house. During it’s most popular period of the early 2000’s, the club would have visitors from as far away as London, packing it out every weekend.







After its initial closure in November 2005 for drug activities, it finally closed its doors in 2010 after an initial reopening in 2009 by owner Steve Baxendale.

Dominic Eastwood, a construction worker who is working on the old site, 34 said: “I remember going to Niche a few times, and the atmosphere was always really good. It was always jam packed and you never really had a bad night, I think it’s a huge boost for the city that it could return.”

The age restriction has not been confirmed by Niche, who were unavailable for comment.

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