Packed US election themed night ends in disappointment for Sheffield students

On Tuesday, Bar One held an all night American election event where the US election results were streamed live.

American themed food was served from 10pm, fuelling the students all the way through the evening and early morning, as some students stayed until 8am in the morning. At around 11pm the Bar was completely full, with all 3 rooms completely rammed and students standing up.

Throughout the night the mood among the student audience who seemed more sympathetic to Clinton than Trump, started to die down as people were in utter shock that Donald Trump was leading.

After it was clear that Hillary Clinton was going to be beaten, Google search engine reported that between November 8th at 1:50am and November 9th at 1:36am the word ‘impeach’ had been searched 100% more in the space of 24 hours.

Since the election has passed people are wondering, what is really going to happen? Donald Trump has stated many things throughout his long campaign such as ‘The Wall’ that is going to be built and paid for by the Mexicans, 11 million undocumented immigrants will be ‘deported’ and Obama Care will be replaced and repealed.

Many students in the US were also clearly disappointed, with demonstrations and walk outs reported in many universities including Chicago City, Los Angeles and New York.

So what happens next? If Trump’s immigration policy goes through and happens anytime soon, his political opponents claim that local and farm businesses will be devastated. These industries depend on cheap immigrant labour, especially agriculture.

Opponents claim there could be an abrupt drop in farm income and a sharp rise in food prices.

During the campaign his democratic opponents said that Mexico isn’t too keen to build and pay for a wall across the border into America, and it would prove difficult to locate and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants within 18 months.

As for Obama Care? Trump has vowed to remove it straight away and his Republican party now control both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

I guess we can only wait and find out over the next four long, interesting years.

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Emilie Jennings

Journalism Student

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